In-School Field Trips!

We offer exciting experiences for students to learn about their natural world with several hands on activities and interactive presentations when we bring the field trip to you!

Our on site field trips are designed with students in mind, creating hands on learning and fun for grade levels 1 through 7.

Observing, recording, classifying and sharing ideas with one another are part of the scientific process as students become a geologist or paleontologist for the day. Each program meets the Common Core and Advanced Sunshine State Standards. Our on site school programs consist of a 45 minute presentation and various hands on activity stations and mining activity. Students usually attend the presentation as a group and then smaller groups rotate through our stations during the school day.


Bones Rock!

If your students like mysteries, solving unique problems and a good imagination than this program is for you. We bring the science of paleontology to life as they explore the world of dinosaurs and prehistoric life using exciting demonstrations and our show and touch real and cast reproduction fossil collection. A simulated fossil dig, interactive, hands on, inquiry based activity stations and our 45 minute presentation helps students to better understand this exciting field and introduce them to an adventure that can last a lifetime. Fossil mining and activity stations take on average an additional 45 - 60 minutes.


Topics Covered:

What exactly is a paleontologist anyway?

Becoming a fossil and creating your own trilobite fossil

What is it like to look for fossils?

The Mysterious Case of the Triceratops

Developing and testing a theory: The scientific Guessing Game

Understanding how birds are related to dinosaurs

Excavate and map a simulated fossil dig site

Understanding and using the fossil record

Using Scientific clues to learn about prehistoric life

How fossils are collected, cleaned and displayed

What teeth and brain size tell us about a dinosaur

Extinction theories

Careers in Paleontology and what to study in school

Mining and identifying fossil remains




Geology Rocks

We bring earth science to life as we relate rocks to the history and structure of our planet using exciting experiments to foster comprehension. Interactive hands on inquiry based activity stations and our 45 minute presentation helps students to appreciate our amazing planet at work. Mining and activity stations take on average an additional 45 minutes.


Topics covered:

What Geology means and how rocks and minerals are used in everyday life

Discover the rock cycle and understand geologic time

Learn how the earth was formed and its composition

Learn about plate tectonics and demonstrate how mountains are formed

Discover how earthquakes are formed and simulate one

Demonstrate the convection of the mantle layers of the Earth

Learn about the different types of rock and demonstrate how they are formed

Discover how fossils are formed and how to create their own

Mine, identify and classify various minerals and gemstones and share with the group what was found